Marichal Uruguay



"Enjoy the nature in the vineyards and learn about the way that we make our wines"

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A unique experience.
Visit us, and share with us a wine tasting in our original family house. It is the place where our family tradition and the unique personality of our wines meet to develop our feelings.

Welcome to our home: Discover the history of the Marichal Family and the different challenges that every generation had from the plantation of the first vineyards, at the beginning of the last century, until now.

Enjoy the nature in the vineyards and learn about the way that we make our wines : Join us in a guided tour to the vineyards in the vicinity of the winery, where the first secret of the soul of our wines is unveiled: quality from the grape. After that, we will explain the winemaking process in the old winery, now upgraded for strict traceability of each parcel of vineyard.

Taste our wines in our ancient family house:  You can choose between different proposals from a 3 wines tasting to a lunch with “empanadas” or barbecued beef and salads. Please contact us to receive more information about the different options. All visits and tastings needs coordination in advance. Please, click here to see our contact details.