Marichal Uruguay



"The Marichal Family came across the sea to a land of birds and natural peace."

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Our Family Winery
In the 1910's, Isabelino Marichal, a descendant of immigrants from the Canary Islands, settled in Etchevarría, Canelones, Uruguay, started the first vineyards of the Tannat variety. In 1938, the family set up a small winery composed of underground tanks in a cave in order to achieve the best conditions in winemaking.

Today, the third and fourth generation have assumed the challenge of projecting the product of their land and their family tradition to the world, coping with the exigencies of nowadays’ technical advances in the field. Thus, they have succeeded in joining the emerging industry of winemaking in the countries of the New World of Wine.


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Our land: Uruguay

ubicacion_chUruguay enjoys the ideal geographical location to excel in the production of fine wines. Situated in the southern hemisphere between the 30º and 35º parallels, like its fellow wine-producing countries of Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and Australia and New Zealand. The clay-based soil and the balanced distribution of sun, rainfall, and temperature in Uruguay are optimal for the growth of the vines, which extend splendid among the gently undulating hills.